art of gary carmody conway
  1. Before
  2. The River
    The River
  3. The Lady
    The Lady
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 Gary Carmody Conway.
My name is
I've painted all my life.  I veered off to be a violinist, an actor, a writer, even a vineyardist.  Maybe a complicated background... but I always found the creative Muse.

Gary Conway, iconic TV & film star, distinguished painter repped in galleries coast to coast, architect, musician, author, screen writer, film director, Jeffersonian farmer and winery              proprietor, defines the Renaissance Man for our time.​
Gary is a pioneering viticulturalist and vintner working in association with Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and other preeminent universities as well as a proprietor of Carmody McKnight Winery.  He was a visionary regarding the unique agricultural endowments of the Westside of Paso Robles.
"In the beginning it was about the vibrant,  flashing colors unique to the Westside... then the abstract patterns of vines and oak forest and cobalt skies.  It was all irresistible."
Gary started painting at age four and has never stopped.  He can't... It is his life... it is beyond passion.