Still the mystery
A Life in Art
Gary’s extraordinary creativity manifested at a very early age.  He was the youngest artist to ever win a major prize at the LA County Art Exhibition and, before age sixteen, was awarded full scholarships to  three of the most prestigious art schools in the country as well as a special grant with the Los Angeles Museum of History, Science, and Art.
Fine art would become a life-long quest, but the passionate pursuit went hand in hand with becoming an accomplished violinist who appeared and performed with a special honor at the Hollywood Bowl.

Gary graduated from UCLA with an art history major.  Even as he plunged into painting, he took up architecture with projects  featured in Design West and other magazines.
Gary’s current work as a painter is displayed on both coasts.  He is a prolific artist and considered one of the foremost landscape painters in the U.S. as well as an outstanding portrait painter.  

For Gary, as a film writer/director, the motion picture must be conceptually visual and flowing art that captures emotion and meaning beyod words:  LINK   to Woman's Story excerpt.   LINK   to trailer.